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Cambridge English: Advanced

An introduction to the Cambridge CAE exam

CAE Paper 4 Speaking (< Previous >)

Time allowed: 15 minutes

Part Task type Focus Time
1. Interview Two candidates are asked questions by the interlocutor. use language for social purposes, e.g. introductions, asking and answering questions. 2 minutes
2. Long turn and comment The first candidate is given a visual prompt and asked to talk about it for 1 minute. The second candidate makes a short response, before the roles are reversed. use language to describe, compare and contrast, hypothesise and comment upon a topic. 4 minutes
3. Two-way interaction: solving a problem Looking at a written prompt, the candidates are asked to carry out a problem-solving task, which may involve choosing the best from a list, sequencing, comparing and contrasting different options, etc. use language to discuss and interpret, to agree, disagree or agree to disagree, negotiate and collaborate, to rank or classify. 4 minutes
4. Three-way conversation Following on from Part 3, the candidates are asked questions about the topic related to Part 3. use language to summarise, report and explain decisions; develop a topic further. 5 minutes

Table: CAE Paper 4 Speaking