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About Part 3 Word Formation

StudentsYou will read a short text of around 200 words, which has 8 gaps. For each gap you have to use a given 'stem' word to make the correct form of the missing word. In the exam you transfer your answer to a special answer sheet. Part 3 tests your knowledge of the way words are formed in English, including the use of prefixes and suffixes, and spelling rules associated with these changes.

Now try our exercises

Students1. Forming nouns from verbs
This exercise focuses on people and their jobs using the most common suffixes.
Online Exercise | Print Version

Students2. Forming other nouns
This exercise looks at forming nouns from verbs, nouns and adjectives by using suffixes.
Online Exercise | Print Version

Students3. Forming opposite meanings
This exercise focuses on the common prefixes and suffixes used to form opposite words.
Online Exercise | Print Version

Students4. Forming verbs
This exercise looks at some common suffixes used in creating verbs.
Online Exercise | Print Version

Students5. Forming adjectives and adverbs
This exercise looks at the most common adjective and adverb endings.
Online Exercise | Print Version

Students6. Difficult spellings
This exercise focuses on tricky spelling changes.
Online Exercise | Print Version

Dos and don'ts

Students Remember that you may have to make two changes to the stem word.
Example: definite - (in)definite(ly).
Don't leave the answer sheet blank for any question. If you don't know the correct answer you should always make a guess.

How to improve

StudentsWhen you make a note of new words try to record all its different forms (nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs).

Try a test

StudentsTry an online Reading and Use of English Part 3 (Word Formation) test in the 'Practice Tests' area.

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