Cambridge Preliminary English Test

Welcome to Flo-Joe's new preparation area for the Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET). Here you'll find information about the exam, practice tests, vocabulary exercises and grammar activities to help you succeed in your exam preparation. Come back regularly as we'll be adding more materials every week!

About the Preliminary English Test

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Paper 2
Paper 3

PET Practice Tests

Speaking New!
Listening (Coming soon)

Vocabulary Practice

Week 7: Describing People
Week 6: Health
Week 5: Education
Week 4: Jobs
Week 3: Clothes & Clothing
Week 2: Travel
Week 1: Shops & Shopping

Grammar Practice

Week 7: Present Perfect or Past Simple
Week 6: Will or Going To
Week 5: Reported Speech: Statements
Week 4: Adverbs of Frequency
Week 3: Passive (Past Simple)
Week 2: Present Simple or Continuous
Week 1: Comparatives & Superlatives

Each week on Flo-Joe

If you haven't tried our practice materials for the Cambridge Preliminary English Test yet, see how we plan to help you below.

Each week we'll publish a new set of lessons to help you learn the vocabulary around a different subject. This week's topic is Shopping. Next week we'll be looking at Travel. And just in case you're wondering, yes, previous weeks will still be available.

Grammar Practice
We'll publish a new set of lessons every week to help you practise grammar. Our 4-step approach will make sure a) you know the language point and b) know how to use it if it appears in the Reading Part 5 Multiple Choice and Writing Part 1 Sentence Transformation tasks.


Study Tip, Writing and Speaking Practice

At the bottom of every page you'll find a box like this. Grey boxes are 'Study Tips' which will offer suggestions to help you remember the vocabulary or grammar point. Yellow boxes give you the chance to practise the new vocabulary or grammar in a typical Preliminary English Test Writing task. Green boxes will give you ideas for Speaking practice. Try to find time to do these exercises as they will give you valuable preparation for the exam AND help you develop your English.

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