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We all know studying a little each day pays off and will help you get that top grade you're after. However, we all lead such busy lives and simply REMEMBERING to do this can be a challenge, never mind actually sitting down and doing the work.

Well, we'd like to give you a helping hand. If you use Twitter or Facebook you can now get daily updates from us featuring a short, bite-sized exercise to help you prepare efficiently and effectively for your exam. Simply choose the way you'd like to be updated and we'll do the rest!


Become a fan of our FCE, CAE or CPE Page for daily updates and a chance to connect with other exam students. Please share our posts with your Facebook friends so we can create a vibrant community of people preparing for the exams.


If you prefer, follow us on Twitter at myenglishexam. You will then see our daily Tweets in your Twitter homepage

If you're already using Twitter please tell your followers about us. Simply click the image below:

Twitter #hashtags

If you follow a lot of people on Twitter you may miss our Tweets as they'll get pushed down the list of messages you see in your homepage.

However, you can also search Twitter using '#hashtags'. This gives you the chance to find particular messages we or other people have posted in the past which contain the same #hashtag you're searching for.

Example 1: Let's imagine you want to focus on the FCE Reading Paper and decide to search Twitter for information from us or anyone else. If we add #fcereading to a Tweet we send, and you know this tag exists, you can search for #fcereading in Twitter to find any messages containing this tag from us or other people.

Example 2: Imagine you have a question about FCE and want the friendly Twitter community to be able to find it when they search. Here's your message:

Does anyone know where I can take FCE in Lisbon? #fcehelp

By adding the #fcehelp tag at the end of your message, others can find it by searching for #fcehelp. Remember though that these #hashtags are included in your 140 characters!

#hashtags are optional and there's no need to use them if you don't want to make your Tweet more easily searchable. However, if you choose to use them and for this to work, we all need to know which #hashtags to use. There are a list of suggested #hashtags we can share in the menu on the left. Please let us know if you think there are any others we could include.

Exam questions?

For questions about the FCE, CAE or CPE examinations, try our FAQ section.