CAE Use of English

Part 3: Word Formation

6) Tricky word forms

Complete the following sentences by choosing either A or B:

1 Your help has been.......... . I couldn't have finished my essay without it.
A valuable
B invaluable

2 You'll enjoy reading this book. As well as being informative it's really ..... in places, too.
A humorous
B humourous

3 Many people think that capital punishment is completely ......
A unacceptable
B unacceptible

4 I'm getting a bit fed-up with your ....... behaviour. Why don't you try behaving like a grown-up?
A childlike
B childish

5 More people are turning to organic food these days because they're worried about all the different ........ in processed food.
A additions
B additives

6 The patient lifted up his ...... hand for the doctor to examine.
A bloody
B bloodlike

7 It was absolutely ........ trying to repair the broken bicycle.
A useful
B useless

8 He is an ........ by birth although he lived in Spain for most of his childhood.
A English
B Englishman



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