Preliminary English Test: Writing Part 3 Practice Test

Question 7-8

Write an answer to one of the questions (7 or 8) in this part.
Write about 100 words.

Question 7

This is part of a letter you receive from an English pen friend.

We're doing a project on life in the UK at school and I wondered if you could tell me something about a particular festival you celebrate as a family.


You are writing a letter to this pen-friend.
Write the letter in about 100 words.

Question 8

Your teacher has asked you to write a story.

This is the title of the story.

    An old friend


Write your story in about 100 words.


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Study Tip!

The best way to improve your informal letter writing skills is to practise! Find a pen pal or a study partner through services like Facebook. For Part 3 practice, write emails to each other of around 100 words on different topics. For example:
i) How you spend your weekends
ii) Why you're studying English
iii) Popular holiday locations in your country
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