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Time allowed: 1 hour 15 minutes

PartTask typeTests ability toQuestions
1. Multiple choice clozeA text with eight gaps. Candidates choose the correct missing words by answering eight multiple-choice questions with four options.Collocation, phrasal verbs, idioms, phrases8
2. Open clozeA text with eight gaps. Candidates fill in the missing words.Mainly grammatical items with some focus on vocabulary8
3. Word formationA text with eight gaps. Candidates form the missing words from the given stem words.Prefixes and suffixes, compound words8
4. Key word transformationSix separate questions, each containing a lead-in sentence, followed by a 'key word' and a second (gapped) sentence. Candidates complete the second sentence in two to five words, and must include the 'key word'.Grammar and vocabulary6
5. Multiple choiceA text followed by six multiple-choice questions with four options: A, B, C or D.understand detail, opinion, gist, attitiude, meaning, tone, purpose and main ideas6
6. Gapped textA text with missing sentences; candidates choose the sentence order from a jumbled list.understand text organisation (how language achieves cohesion and coherence) 6
7. Multiple matchingOne or several texts with prompt questions; candidates match the prompt to the relevant section of the text(s).understand specific information, detail, opinion and attitude10

Table: FCE Paper 1 Reading and Use of English