FCE Use of English  (Exit)

Part 3: Word Formation (Forming nouns form verbs) (Answers)

This exercise focuses on people and their jobs using the most common suffixes. Use the word in bold to form the noun which refers to the person who does that job.

1. A person who acts for a living is called an .......... .

2. A ..... is someone who earns money from writing music.

3. She didn't become famous as a ..... until her 17th novel was published.

4. In Part 5 of the FCE Exam your speaking ability will be assessed by the ..... .

5. At the end of the interview the ..... asked if he could be shown around the company.

6. The waiter asked the ..... if she would help him deal with a difficult customer.

7. An ..... is someone who will be able to go through your accounts and work out how much money you have.

8. ..... to the castle are expected to come during visiting times only.

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