FCE Use of English   (Exit)

Part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze (Linking Words) (Answers)

Make sure you know the difference between the common linking words used in English.

Choose the answer A, B or C that completes each sentence.

1 Studying abroad is a great opportunity. .......... the other hand, you might find yourself getting homesick.
A By
B In
C On

2 He did hardly any work before the exam. .........., he managed to pass.
A Although
B Nevertheless
C Despite

3 Life in a big city is more stressful than the country. .......... it can also be expensive.
A Further
B Addition
C Moreover

4 Some people have the said the play is boring. .......... the contrary, I found it absolutely fascinting
A On
B In
C At

5 The law regarding dangerous driving has been changed. As a/an .......... ,more people are going to prison.
A effect
B result
C outcome

6 The company is making a number of changes. In other .......... it seems that there are going to be a number of job losses.
A words
B ways
C sayings

7 She bumped into her ex-boyfriend in the street, .......... all her efforts to avoid him.
A through
B spite
C despite

8 The team played well in the first half. In .........., during the second half they completely lost control of the game.
A contrary
B contrast
C context


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