FCE Use of English   (Exit)

Part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze (Phrasal Verbs) (Answers)

Phrasal verbs are frequently tested in Part 1 of this paper. You need to look out for missing verbs or prepositions/particles.

Choose the answer A, B or C that completes each sentence.

1 You'll be able to ....... that book out of the library.
A bring
A take
C move

2 We have to ....... ahead if we want the party to be a success.
A plan
B go
C push

3 She didn't say goodbye before she ....... off. She must be upset about something.
A switched
B rang
C cut

4 Although it was a wonderful job offer he decided to ....... it down in the end.
A pass
B take
C turn

5 When I saw his awful haircut I burst ....... laughing.
A out
B into
C in

6 As time goes ....... we do more damage to the environment.
A beyond
B forward
C by

7 She has decided to take ....... a new hobby.
A over
B up
C on

8 Could you repeat that? I couldn't quite make ....... what you were saying.
A out
B up
C over

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