CAE Use of English: Answers  (Exit)

Part 4: Word Formation (Parts of Speech)

Complete each sentence by supplying the correct form of the word in brackets.

1 It is understandable that you wish to change jobs, but the company will be very disappointed to lose you. (UNDERSTAND)

2 He is a rude man and speaks unpleasantly to everyone. (PLEASANT)

3 My friends all sympathized/sympathized with me when I lost my handbag on the train. (SYMPATHY)

4 Apparently a third of all marriages in the UK end in divorce. (THREE)

5 That simple mistake meant she managed to undo all her good work. (DO)

6 There has been an overwhelming response to the two job vacancies that were advertised last week. (VACANCY)

7 She really does play the piano beautifully , doesn't she? (BEAUTY)

8 My grandmother was one of the kindest people you could ever have met. (KIND)

Part 4: Word Formation (Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives)

1. (MARRY) After their divorce she has now decided to remarry.

2. (COMEDY) The comedian went on stage and received a rapturous welcome from the audience.

3. (IMAGINE) Lots of little children go through a phase of having an imaginary friend, but they usually grow out of it.

4. (INFECT - 2 changes) I'm doing the cleaning today. Can you get me a bottle of disinfectant from the supermarket.

5. (SWEET) He likes to sweeten his breakfast cereal with honey instead of sugar.

6. (PROFESSION) The footballer's professional career began when he started playing for Real Madrid.

7. FALSE The manager was sacked after he tried to falsify his accounts.

8. (SUPERVISE) When you start your new job you'll be kept under close supervision.


Part 4: Word Formation (Forming Nouns)

1 The film was praised by the critics for its realism in showing the horrors of war.

2 During his boyhood he was a rather naughty child.

3 The two sisters had an argument about the ownership of the family home.

4 The teenage son wanted more freedom than his parents were willing to give.

5 She found that she enjoyed motherhood more than she had expected.

6 The two friends formed a strong business partnership to sell books.

7 The government said it was unwilling to give in to the demands of terrorism.

8 She is a talented singer and actress who stands a good chance of gaining stardom and recognition.


Part 4: Word Formation (Forming Compound Words)

1. (WEIGH) My aunt is thinking of going on a diet because she is about seven kilos overweight.

2. (MOUTH) He tried to disguise his voice whilst talking on the telephone by putting a handkerchief across the mouthpiece.

3. (CHAIR) The meeting will be introduced by the chairperson/chairman/chairwoman.

4. (PEAK) If you can catch your train during off-peak times, your ticket will be much cheaper and the trains less busy.

5. (NARROW) She is very narrow-minded when it comes to people from different cultures.

6. (WORK) The teacher gave us a list of phrasal verbs to revise for homework tonight before our test tomorrow.

7. (DAY) He's been watching a lot of day-time/daytime since he lost his job.

8. (SENTENCE) Somebody from the audience shouted out, and the speaker was forced to stop in mid-sentence.


Part 4: Word Formation (Common Internal Changes)

1. The doctor has advised me to adopt a healthier diet. (ADVICE)

2. She proudly showed her baby son off to her friends. (PRIDE)

3. She needs a lengthy period of recovery after the operation. (LONG)

4. Make sure you have a lot of speaking practice before the exam. (PRACTISE)

5. At this end of the pool the water is about 2 metres in depth. (DEEP)

6. I do fifty widths of the pool every morning. (WIDE)

7. I'm not going up there. I'm scared of heights . (HIGH)

8. The foundations of the building need strengthening . (STRONG).


Part 4: Word Formation (Tricky word forms)

1 Your help has been.......... . I couldn't have finished my essay without it.
B invaluable

2 You'll enjoy reading this book. As well as being informative it's really ..... in places, too.
A humorous

3 Many people think that capital punishment is completely ......
A unacceptable

4 I'm getting a bit fed-up with your ....... behaviour. Why don't you try behaving like a grown-up?
B childish

5 More people are turning to organic food these days because they're worried about all the different ........ in processed food.
B additives

6 The patient lifted up his ...... hand for the doctor to examine.
A bloody

7 It was absolutely ........ trying to repair the broken bicycle.
B useless

8 He is an ........ by birth although he lived in Spain for most of his childhood.
B Englishman


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