CAE Use of English: Answers  (Exit)

Part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze (Collocations 1)

1 I'm glad to see that you've recovered from your illness.

2 My uncle suffers from heart disease.

3 She picked up a rather nasty stomach bug.

4 She has to take drugs every day for her heart condition.

5 Unfortunately the company will have to find a way to cut costs.

6 They sold their house for a fair price.

7 For some museums and galleries there is an admission charge.

8 To hire a car on holiday you will pay a daily rate.

9 I've only met her once but she seems a really nice person.

10 She brings the human touch to a very impersonal business.

11 It's a difficult decision and it should be left up to the individual concerned.

12 The main character in the story is a leading politician.

Part 3: Error Correction (Punctuation 1)

1. I went to Spain for my holiday. Did I tell you about it?

2. He comes from Athens.

3. We need some sugar, milk, bread and eggs.

4. I start work in London next week, which is where the company headquarters is.

5. The CAE exam, which takes place twice a year, is quite popular throughout Europe.

6. 'Can you lend me some money?' Susan asked.

7. The dinner, however, was overcooked.

8. The car was fast, expensive and absolutely beautiful.

Part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze (Phrasal Verbs)

1 Although he held some strong opinions he eventually had to back down and admit he was wrong.

2 After our lunch we joined up with the rest of the people on our trip.

3 You need to book in at the hotel reception before being given your key.

4 After a long investigation the police were able to piece together the truth about what had happened on the day of the murder.

5 I was near Jackie's house this morning so I dropped in for a chat.

6 I had a huge argument with my best friend yesterday but I'm hoping it will blow over in a couple of days.

7 I should be able to fix your computer but I need some time to look into the cause of the problem.

8 The caller waited impatiently while the receptionist tried to put her through to the office.

Part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze (Phrases and Expressions)

1 I wish you hadn't told me that about him. It puts me in a difficult position .

2 There's no need to raise your voice - I can hear you perfectly clearly.

3 The company chairperson decided to give a bonus to all her staff to show her appreciation for their hard work.

4 When he was presented with a prize for his latest book he was lost for words .

5 Do those suggestions meet with your approval?

6 I can't stop you going mountain climbing but it's entirely at your own risk.

7 She doesn't know him personally - he's actually a friend of a friend of hers.

8 I didn't mean to lose my temper with you. I just got carried away for a minute.

Part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze (Linking Words)

1 Some types of illness can be cured by drugs whereas others can be treated by alternative medicine.

2 You can post that letter for me since you're going past the post office.

3 You can have an appointment with the manager although she is quite busy this afternoon.

4 Even though they played badly they still won quite easily.

5 He was delighted when his daughter got married. At the same time, he couldn't help but feel a little bit sad to be losing her.

6 The applicant looks suitably qualified for the job. What's more he's fluent in two foreign languages.

7 She's decided not to work overseas after all. In any case, she doesn't like cold weather.

8 The doctor made a mistake with the medicine she prescribed. Nevertheless, she was never questioned about this error.

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