CAE Use of English: Answers  (Exit)

Part 4: Gapped Sentences (Nouns)

1. Jane's such good COMPANY that she makes an ideal party guest.

Molly's parents aren't too happy about the COMPANY she keeps, especially as some of her friends have been in trouble with the police.

2. We're thinking of having that wall knocked down to create more ROOM .

The two sides in the dispute are both refusing to compromise and haven't left themselves any ROOM for manoeuvre.

3. He didn't want to leave before he had made his MARK on the company and earned everyone's respect.

The MARK I received for my latest assignment was the best grade this year.

4. The old man often gets nostalgic when he thinks about the good old DAYS of his childhood.

The car had certainly seen better DAYS and was very unreliable.

5. Demonstrations are taking place against the proposed new private golf COURSE to be being built on public land.

Mary's beginning to think her blog has run its COURSE so she won't be posting to it any longer.

6. Experts believe the economy is heading for a CRASH and people are being warned to prepare for hard times.

He took a CRASH course in French because he needed to learn it quickly for his new job.

7. After the hardback book was published the second EDITION came out in paperback.

Did you see yesterday's EDITION of the Times newspaper?

8. It wasn't until the servers crashed that Paul became aware of the full SCALE of the IT problem.

Any benefit payments will be made on a sliding SCALE according to how much you earn.

Part 6: Gapped Sentences (Verbs and Phrasal Verbs)

1. I half-EXPECTED to bump into you at the cinema last night.

That sort of behaviour is only to be EXPECTED from such a disruptive class.

2. The stolen car was found ABANDONED in a field by a passer-by.

He ABANDONED his career in law to go into teaching.

3. The competition rules stated that the judges did not ACCEPT responsibility for lost entries.

I'd be delighted to ACCEPT your invitation to the party.

4. As far as the club is concerned you BROKE the rules and we have no alternative but to ask you to leave.

When the girl's mother asked her what was troubling her she BROKE down in tears and couldn't speak.

5. It's freezing outside so don't forget to WRAP up warm.

Let's WRAP up Sarah's presents now while she's out.

6. The Prime Minister yesterday CAST doubts on the likelihood of tax cuts this year.

The clouds CAST a shadow over the distant hills.

7. The child's face LIT up with pleasure when she opened his birthday present.

After you've LIT the fuse make sure you stand well back from the firework.

8. When Sue leaves the company she'll be sorely MISSED by her friends and colleagues.

The speeding car MISSED the child by only a few centimetres.

Part 6: Gapped Sentences (Adjectives)

1. The art gallery is easily ACCESSIBLE for wheelchair users.
The guidebooks are written in simple language in order to be ACCESSIBLE to the general public.

2. Our offices are in CENTRAL Birmingham so we're close to all the main transport links.

The facts were of CENTRAL importance in the court case.

3. We didn't want to leave the house EMPTY when we went away so we asked a friend to house-sit for us.

I really wouldn't rely on him as he's always making EMPTY promises.

4. They're predicting HEAVY rain and strong winds later today.

Sorry I'm late - I got caught up in HEAVY traffic.

5. The vaccination is effective but it can't guarantee that you'll be completely IMMUNE to the disease.

He's IMMUNE to any criticism of his driving technique.

6. You must be MAD if you think you can pass your exams without putting in any work.

My dad's MAD with me for borrowing his car without asking.

7. Let the other car go first along this NARROW stretch of road.

She's very NARROW-minded and doesn't like to mix with people who have different views to her own.

8. He wants to become a PROFESSIONAL photographer now he's been taking snaps for a while.

Frank reassured the boss that her relationship with Tom was strictly PROFESSIONAL


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