FCE Writing Critique and Correction


1) How much does the service cost?

a) You can sign up for our Critique and Correction service for one Exam Success Plus writing task.
>> Cost: $24 x 1 task
b) You can sign up for our Critique and Correction service for three different Exam Success Plus writing tasks.
>> Cost: $64 x 3 tasks (save $8)
c) You can sign up to our Critique and Correction service for all 13 tasks in CAE Exam Success Plus.
>> Cost: $244 x 13 tasks (save $68)

2) Can anybody subscribe?

Yes. We only offer feedback on our own Writing tasks. These are published in our 'Exam Success Plus' course, where you'll find 13 tasks covering ALL task-types. The Writing tasks also appear individually each week on the free area of the website. Unless you only plan to sign up to ONE Writing Critique and Correction, we recommend you become a subscriber to Exam Success Plus. This will enable you to work at your own pace, rather than waiting for the task you want to answer to appear on the website.

2) How do I send Flo-Joe my work?

Submit your essays by email. Make sure you supply the correct email address as we will use this to return your essay to you.

3) Can I send you my work as an email attachment?

Due to possible software incompatibilities and the threat of computer viruses Flo-Joe cannot accept work sent as an attachment to an email. Please send your work in the body of an email.

4) How long should my essays be?

You should try to keep to the FCE word limit. We can only mark work that adheres approximately to this word limit.

5) I have some writing tasks in a coursebook I'm using. Can I base my essays on these?

Sorry, the Critique and Correction Service is only available for Flo-Joe's own FCE Writing tasks.

6) What if my Exam Success Plus subscription expires before I've sent all my essays to Flo-Joe?

No problem! If you no longer have access to Exam Success Plus you can still use the freely-available writing tasks that appear each week on the Flo-Joe website.

7) How long does it take to have my work marked?

We will return your work by email within 48 hours of it being received. If the deadline falls on a non-working day including but not limited to Sundays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's and New Year's Day, the work will be delivered the next working day.

8) What should I do if I haven't had my essays returned after 48 hours?

Check your spam or bulk email folder first as our messages sometimes get diverted. If it's not there please email us immediately.

9) In what format will my corrected work be sent to me?

We will return your work in pdf format and you will need to make sure you have the necessary software to read pdf files.

10) What is included in the corrected work?

See this example. (PDF)

11) Will I receive a grade for my work?

We do not grade your work A, B, C etc. as this is something that can only be done legitimately under examination conditions by a team of assessors. However, we will be able to tell you whether we think your work is of the standard we would expect from a student working towards the FCE examination.