Writing Paper: Part 2
Task type: Discursive composition

In your English class you have been discussing different ways of studying English. Your teacher has asked you to write a composition with the following title:


The advantages and disadvantages of learning English abroad compared to learning in your own country.

Write your composition for your teacher (around 120-180 words).


Click on the underlined words or phrases for comments. The numbers in brackets offer suggestions. General feedback appears below the essay.

Name: Ivan Zhivkov Zhekov

School: Foreign-Language School "Ivan Vazov" Plovdiv/Bulgaria

The English language is one of the most popular and used {1} languages in the world.

Some people claim that studying English in your own country is better. They think that when you are studying English in your own country {2} you will understand the word definitions clearly. I think that they are wrong. If you want to know English well you have to know the meaning of the word in {***} {3} English-English translation.

In my opinion studying English abroad is a good opportunity, because you will be in {***} {4} English environment. You won't be able to speak your native language and will feel on you the real English influence. You will have the chance to learn the way of speaking the English language{***} {5}.

In my view a disadvantage of studying English in your own country is that sometimes there are English teachers, {6} who have been graduated {7} "somewhere" and their English is awful. You will have to learn more in your country, especially of your native language has nothing to do with the English{8}.

To sum up, the most appropriate way to learn English is to study abroad in a certain English-speaking country.


This is a well-constructed essay with very good control of both vocabulary and grammar. You write in a fluent style that is very pleasant to read. Be careful in the exam to address ALL aspects of the question. Remember it is about the advantages and disadvantages of learning English abroad to learning it at home - so really there are four "bits" to this question, not just two! It's so important to answer all parts of a question so that you don't lose marks unnecessarily in the exam.

Best wishes
Fiona Joseph