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Writing Paper: Part 2
Task type: Story

You have seen details of a story-writing competition in a magazine and have decided to enter:



Write a short story with the title:
'The letter that changed my life'

Any stories that we publish will receive a prize.

Write your story for the magazine (around 120-180 words).

Name: Paula Cajal Mariñosa

Midday of the hottest summer day ever. A coke and a boring western on TV. Someone rang the door's bell {1} and I had to get {***} {2} and look outside to see if there was anyone {3}. It was the postman, of course, he always arrives at midday. I oppened the door slowly, without any feeling of being fast{4}. I was given a letter from a friend, a friend that I hadn't seen for ages. My face turned white and my heart stopped its movements for about four seconds. I couldn't believe he had written{5} me.

When the papers of the letter came out I saw that there was a huge amount{6} of sentences, the letter was long.

He was telling me, with his heart in the hands{7}, that he loved me with all of his heart. We had been going out{8} together for about two years... However, I hadn't had any notice {9} from him since our last meeting, in 1998, two years ago.

I read it twice, three times. I couldn't believe it, it was unreal. I took the phone and without any idea I called him.

"Hello, this is Paula"

"Hello Paula, I suppose you've received my letter, we must meet now"

And we met, and he asked me to marry{10}. Of course, I wasn't sure at the begining, but he soon made me feel as {11} the best woman ever.

We are now a happy family, with two young chlidren. I can say, that letter chanched my life, and I still have it in my secrets box


What a lovely story this is, Paula! I really enjoyed reading it. You create the atmosphere very well and make a good effort to describe your emotions during key points of the story.

Some language areas to watch are spelling - make sure you proofread your work in the exam - and punctuation, where you need a full stop or a semi-colon instead of a comma. Your grammatical control, especially tenses, is good.

All the best for the FCE exam!

Fiona Joseph