FCE Reading and Use of English (Exit)

Part Two: Open Cloze

Read the following extract from a brochure giving advice on taking an examination. For questions 1-8, type the word which best fits in each space. Use only one word in each space.

(0) to

Exam Tips

When the day comes give yourself plenty of time (0) ... do everything: have breakfast but don't drink (1) ... much; go to the toilet; arrive on time, but not too early or you will find yourself getting more and more nervous while you wait to start.

In the exam, calm (2) ... down by breathing deeply and thinking positively. Read the exam questions carefully and underline all of the key instruction words (3) ... indicate how the questions should be answered. If possible start with the ones (4) ... can do easily to give you confidence. Remember what you've learnt from practising questions and doing mock exams previously and plan your use of time. Don't panic (5) ... everyone around you seems to start writing furiously straight away and don't be tempted to follow their example.

Finally, after the exam, don't join in a discussion about (6) ... everyone else did, (7) ... you want to frighten yourself, and drain your self-confidence for the next exam. Above (8) ..., remember that exams are not designed to catch you out, but to find out what you know, what you understand and what you can do.



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