FCE Reading and Use of English (Exit)

Part Five: Multiple Choice (Page 1, 2)

1. In the second paragraph the phrase 'first line of defence' suggests something
is the only option.
offers protection.
is an instruction.
shows weakness.

2. The effect of the fire was
worse for Katy's business than her home.
to ruin Katy's business.
not as serious for Katy's business as it could have been.
to make Katy start to back up her data.

3. According to the web awareness survey, our attitude to our personal safety is rather

4. Regarding Khaled's experience, the writer is surprised that
people telephone complete strangers.
people don't think of the results of their actions online.
university students take part in online discussions.
people sent emails to Khaled without asking permission.

5. What tip does the writer give for joining an online community?
Always use a false name.
Make sure you are properly registered.
Limit the information you give to others.
Tell other users where you're studying.

6. In the final paragraph, the writer advises people
not to put photos online.
to apply for a job online.
not to have any personal information online.
to consider what may cause problems in the future.



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