FCE Practice Test

FCE Reading and Use of English Part 6: Gapped Text

You are going to read a magazine article about Sarah Bryant, an acupuncturist. Six sentences have been removed from the article on the left. Choose the most suitable sentence from the list A-G on the right for each part (1-6) of the article. There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.


A. These are twelve acupuncture channels along which energy travels in the human body.

B. Also on a physical level I've treated a woman for problems with eczema.

C. I'd like to work with practitioners of homeopathy, reflexology, aromatherapy and perhaps counselling.

D. There was a lot more to it than that though.

E. Contrary to popular belief, having the needles placed in your body is quite painless.

F. I've had a lot of acupuncture treatment and found it particularly useful.

G. This is very different from Western medicine which is supposed to work solely on the body.

This month in lifestyles we feature Sarah a practising acupuncturist.

I've done a lot of travelling in Europe and Asia throughout my adult life and it was whilst I was teaching in China that I became interested in acupuncture. It is common for people there to have acupuncture treatment, not only if they're ill but also to prevent the onset of diseases. It was after returning from China and witnessing how successful it had been that I reached the decision to become an acupuncturist myself. I was lucky to discover that the town where I lived had a famous and well-reputed college of traditional acupuncture.

Alternative medicine is particularly important for me because I firmly believe that it works on the level of body, mind and spirit.


Of course this medicine is very powerful and can consequently have powerful side effects. Alternative medicine like acupuncture on the other hand is aimed at treating the person as a whole. When a person's ill, there's something in their life which is putting their energy levels out of balance. What alternative therapies try to do is help to gradually push that energy back into balance. The result is that any disease present might naturally disappear as it cannot survive when energies are balanced.

The treatments consist largely of balancing the energy between the different meridians of a person's body.


Treatment aims to free blocks of energy in these meridians which may be causing ill health and which may have been there for many years.

It would be an odd state of affairs if a practising alternative therapist had not had treatment themselves and this is certainly not the case for myself.


I've never suffered particularly from physical problems but treatment for my mental and spiritual wellbeing has been very successful.

I've treated a wide range of people for various conditions, for example people suffering from stress and anxiety and helped them to cope with stressful situations in their lives.


There's another woman who suffers from arthritis of the hip and at the moment I'm treating an old lady who has several health problems, one of them being Parkinson's Disease. All these people have found that acupuncture has made them feel more balanced in themselves and they have certainly benefited from the treatment.

To date I currently own the Licentiate in Acupuncture. This course lasted three years and I had to go to the college about one weekend in three.


I had a large amount of homework to do and practical work, which I did two or three evenings a week. This entailed locating points on different people. As you can imagine, this isn't straightforward as people are different sizes and have different shaped bodies.

In the future I hope to set up an alternative health clinic which will involve myself as an acupuncturist but perhaps other people as well.


I'd like to set this up somewhere in a rural setting, where people could enjoy coming not only for the treatment but where they would be able to sit and enjoy the scenery, go for walks and basically feel free from the stresses of life.