Multiple Choice

  1 What does the writer say about newspapers in the first paragraph?
They tend not to include articles readers will find very challenging.
Articles in them do not reflect the way people really speak.
They are more concerned with profit than with quality of writing.
They fail to realise what kind of writing would appeal to readers.

  2 What does the writer imply in the second paragraph?
GQ magazine contains articles that are well worth reading.
Some of the more recent men's magazines are unlikely to survive.
The standard of sportswriting in newspapers has improved in recent times.
He is in a position to give an objective view of sportswriting in magazines.

 3 Why were sportswriters for GQ given new freedoms?
Some restrictions of newspaper writing do not apply to writing for GQ.
The magazine's initial plans for its sports articles proved unrealistic.
Notions about what made good sports journalism were changing.
The writers that it wanted to employ demanded greater freedom.

 4 What does the writer say about the amount of time allowed for producing articles?
The best articles are often produced under great pressure of time.
Having a long time to produce an article encourages laziness.
Writers are seldom satisfied by articles produced in a hurry.
Having very little time to produce an article can be an advantage.

 5 Why can't writers for GQ use the same methods as writers for newspapers?
Articles in GQ are not allowed to consist mainly of interviews.
They want to be considered better than writers for newspapers.
Writers for newspapers do not have so much space to fill.
They've been told to avoid the conventions of newspaper writing.

 6 What does the writer say in the penultimate paragraph about certain pieces in GQ?
They will create enormous controversy.
They unintentionally upset some of its readers.
They are a response to demand from readers.
They are a good fit for the GQ reader.