Writing Paper: Part 2
Task type: A leaflet

You have recently finished an investigation into the causes and effects of stress in the company where you work, and you have been asked to produce a leaflet called 'Coping with Stress' for all the employees in the company based on the following questions:

  • What are the main causes of stress in the company?
  • What problems does stress cause?
  • What methods for coping with stress will be the most useful

Write the text for your leaflet. (220-260 words)

Name: Alexander Summa
Country: Germany


Stressed out? Only want to go home? - Wait a minute! You're not the only one at SUMMA Consulting and there's something everyone can do about it!

The Crux of the Matter {1}

A recently launched investigation revealed a complete communications breakdown {2} between closely related departments. The LCI (Let's-call-IT) syndrome is also spreading fast because fewer and fewer employees know how to operate the equipment properly. And finally, there are cliques forming that endanger our sense of community.

So, What's the Problem?

There's an unhealthy social climate and unfriendly atmosphere in our corridors. Unhappy people tend to work less efficient {3} and take fewer {4} sick leaves {5}. They also are {6} less motivated and may suffer from fear of redundancy. Especially newcomers {7} are subject to these conditions, but it can happen to everyone. For the firm, it means a waste of money and unsatisfied customers.

Where You Come In

Here is a bit of advice how you can help make SUMMA Consulting a better place to work at:{8}

1. Talk to people. Problem? Ask your colleagues or drop by our office (Independent Workers Committee, 2nd Floor, Room 4267, open 9am - 6pm, 0221-5905320). You'll be heard!{9}

2. Brush up your computer skills in the IT department's training courses. All courses are free and open for {10} everyone! Contact Joe Weintruck (extension 654) for further details.

3. To get to know the people at SUMMA Consulting better, attend our get-together activities such as the Independence Day Barbecue and our famous Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner.

Thank you for your time. I'm sure that with your help we can achieve our ultimate goal, making work at SUMMA Consulting more satisfactory!


This is a very good attempt at the question. Alexander. You have addressed the main issues, namely the causes and effects of stress and offered some practical solutions. You have also laid the leaflet out well, using logical paragraphs and headings. You have adopted a nice style, addressing the reader directly with questions and written the leaflet in a friendly tone.
At 271 words this is slightly over the 250 word limit - not excessively long but it's always worthwhile to make sure you're not too far over the target.
Best wishes
Peter Travis


Other uncorrected answers

Andreea , The Czech Republic


You feel you are stressed out and do not know how to escape this state? Well,this leaflet has been written to help you solve this problem.

In our days , the notion of "stress" is present in almost all kind of jobs, though more or less admitted.This is cause by many sorts of factors which affect your state of mind and health.
A first cause of stress woul certaintly be new technology.Though very useful, these highly sophisticated maschines are very tiring for the human being.For example , simply staying in front of the computer for a period of time produces many problems to body and mind.
This pressure, called stress, may also be
caused by fear of redundancy.This feeling appears among the people who have big families and their job is the only source of income.Poor relationships with colleagues or bosses coul also lead to this state.

Stress has a great impact on tha individual employee as well as on the company.People who are stressed out become less productive,they lose their mood for work aand take time off through illness, facts that affect both parts.

Everyone knows that stress at work is the disease of our time and that it can kill.Therefore it should be avoided at all costs by stress management techniques such as visualisation of calm scenes, aromatherapy and yoga.
Some types of exercises would also be recommended , especially those which do not involve big effort.A simple walk at lunchtime or riding a bike when free would
definately have a good result.
For further information you can call 22234565 ,where some specialists in this problem will give you the right advice on how to cope with stress.

Oana Sacaleanu, Romania

Coping with Stress

As you probably know, these last few months the company's Human Relations department, has undertaken an investigation into stress in our workplace. We were interested in the results because as long as our employees are content and in good health, than their efficiency is at a high level too and our company can benefit from that. The investigation revealed several problems concerning relationships with superiors and colleagues, discontents regarding the unpaid supply hours and coping with new technology.

Since we believe that our staff represents an important key to open the door to success, we feel that we should consider more your requests. The stress is a very important factor, which sometimes finds us unprepared. You should pay attention to any symptoms you might have; our company doctor can help you with that. Do not hesitate to go for a check up and also to let us know what we can do to make your workplace more pleasant.

If you feel often tired, have headaches, muscles tension, you feel more irritable than usual, palpitation etc., please do not ignore them and contact our doctor. The stress is a risk factor in many heart or nervous system diseases, which is why it's important to remove it from your life.

In order to help you we offer a few solutions. We extended the lunch break with half an hour so that you can use this time more to relax. Friday night we'll organize a gathering at a club in town, this way you could know each other better. We recommend a 'every day smile' on your face. 'Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile is the source of your joy', as someone told me too once. We also have a counsellor available for you during program. We are also open to any suggestion you may have.

You choose help, you choose health!