Writing Paper: Part 2
Task type: An article

You have seen the following question in a computer magazine:



What difference has the internet made to your life? Can you imagine life without email and the world wide web?

Write in giving your views on what you like - and hate - about being online, and we will publish the best articles.


Write your article for the magazine. (220-260 words)


Click on the underlined words or phrases for comments. The numbers in brackets offer suggestions. General feedback appears below the essay.

Name: Diana Radovan

School: UVT.RO


The internet, one of the latest discoveries of the 20th century, has become part of everyone's vocabulary nowadays. Whether we like it or not, it is turning more and more into a social phenomenon, especially among teenagers.{1}

However, it cannot be denied that it provides a lot of facilities. I was a little skeptical towards it at first, but now I'm aware of the positive effect it has proved to have on my life. The internet can be a source of useful information, which you can easily find and download by accessing an appropriate website. For instance, I was very pleased when I discovered just the right website to help me prepare for the CAE exam. Studying online can save you a lot of time and energy, as you don't need to borrow books from public libraries anymore, books which, as we all know, have to be returned in about two weeks time.

When you want to send a letter for business interest in short time {2}, or send a message to a friend who is far away for the time being, or simply say "Hello" to someone you love to let him know you are thinking about him, all you have to do is to send all these people an email.

I remember that last year, when my boyfriend had to work in France for three months, we used to email each other at least twice a day! Another thing I love about the internet which also has to do with world wide communication are the chat groups. I like talking to people with different social and cultural background from all over the world on various subjects; you can make a lot of friends and gain a whole new perspective on life.

Unfortunately, in my country, not many people can afford to own a computer or have accsess {3} to the internet. Others, on the other hand, use it excesively, mostly children, teenagers and introvert persons {4}, which can lead to finding it harder and harder for them to adapt to real world. The e-world is a great one if used properly, but we should pay attention to the fact that "faster" doesn't necessarily mean "better" and a smile or a hug can't be replaced by an email.{***}

I thank the internet for its existence, but I can make it through the day without it. The question is: can you? {5}


Because it is so close to the December exam I wanted to feature a really good example for the makeover. I liked this article a great deal because it answers the task (always very important!) and it is interesting to read.

Your article is well organised and full of examples of the impact that the internet has had on your life. I have made a couple of suggestions for improvement, but these are fairly minor points. Good luck in the exam, Diana - I'm sure you'll do well!

Fiona Joseph


Other Answers



Wasting time is nearly the synonym for "internet"...

Is it worth losing oneself in the web?

The number of people who spend time navigating through the net increases astronomically day by day.

It is very common to spot young people at cibercafes typing on a computer keyboard on a weekend night.What is astonishing is how they prefer virtual activities than enjoying life: going out with friends, not being isolated with a machine.

...but not at all:

On the other hand, the internet has introduced a wide range of facilities in our lives.

The email enables to contact any person around the world instantly without having to wait for a month for a reply, websites offer any kind of information you need, moreover, you can make the most of studying online.

All these benefits are an important progress for sure, though we are likely to let time fly without realising, sitting in front of the sreen.

The disadvantage of this whole new craze is that you can become a "computer nut"; while there might already be millions of them.

One other thing is that if you don't own a recently brought out computer, you could wait for ages to download something, since old computers or computers from just two years ago work too slowly.

Therefore, it exists a commercial bussiness which forces people to renew their equipment continiously.

To sum up, life without internet would make people take part in more social activities, whereas communication an infirmation look up would take more time. Using internet will always be profitable as long as people don´t abuse from it.


Other Answers

Name: Cipriano

I started surfing the net in the February 1999 and at the time I was absolutely convinced that it was a fantastic breakthrough (despite being discovered thirty years ago, in Italy has started catching on recently); almost three years later I pride myself because I was right.

Only by considering pros and cons one can have an idea of the importance of the World Wide Web in these days.

Personally I find Internet very helpful when it comes to search information of any kind, given that sometimes you do not need an encyclopaedia anymore, maps, even newspapers or CD. Communicating has become easier and faster with email and web cams allowing you to get in touch with friends and relatives irrespective of where they are. What I do not like about the net, or rather I would improve, is related with costs of connections and time wasted waiting for pages to open or difficult downloading.

Obviously most of us when asked the most important feature of the Internet reply consulting information, but I do think it is really the most important thing; I managed to study French just with the help of some well-done website, and I am trying to do it with English as well.

In my case Internet has been convenient in buying things cheaper and more rapidly than any other shop, especially tickets and presents. Therefore, despite its cost is still not to underestimate, I think you might as well surf because you can balance it by buying products cheaply and without delays.

To come to a close I am undoubtedly sure life without the IT would be certainly worse, on the contrary we should increasingly rely on the net because our future can depend on it.