Writing Paper: Part 2
Task type: A leaflet

You have received the following memo from your boss:


As you know our town will be hosting the 7th International Festival of Arts and Culture in three months.

It was agreed in our last marketing meeting that a leaflet would be included in the Registration Pack that is being sent to all delegates. It will need to have some (brief) information about our town and a list of main places to eat and/or relax in the evenings. Don't forget to include practical information about opening times and prices, etc. A rough idea only of the layout is needed - I'm sure the designer will do a great job.

Write the leaflet for the visitors. (220-260 words).


Click on the underlined words or phrases for comments. The numbers in brackets offer suggestions. General feedback appears below the essay.

Name: Geo

Welcome to the 7th edition of the International Festival of Arts and Culture, which will take place this year in the town of Venus. {1} It is a new {2} built town on the Coast of the Black Sea, near the Danube Delta, in a mild temperate climate, being inhabited mostly by young people who live in a joyful and colorful atmosphere. Everywhere you look, there are small elegant shops, cheerful parks, museums of science, biology and history, libraries and all kinds of buildings of different styles. The most spectacular are the hotels near the beach, always with lots of tourists.

Here you can always find something special for your entertainment. There are many restaurants and places to eat, quiet and relaxing, but animated and noisy{3} too, offering specialties from the cuisine all over the world, but the most popular and delicious dishes being still the traditional ones . Most of them are preparing fish based {4} recipes and marine food which are known to be very healthy. {***} Nightlife is here very popular, not only for the lively nightclubs and discos, but also for the concerts and walks on the beach in the moon light {5}. The prices here are not exaggerated, they are accessible.{6} All the places have different programs, some are open all day long, others during the night. Anyway,{7} children are not allowed in nightclubs and bars and they can't have alcohol. But the town offers great possibilities of {8} having fun, for instance in the pleasure grounds, suitable for all ages.


This is a wonderfully written answer, Geo. Your style is very eloquent and this is a joy to read. Most of my language 'corrections' are really very minor quibbles!

In terms of task achievement your answer needs to follow the task guidelines a little more closely. For instance, you should name some specific places to eat/relax and give useful information about each one - such as opening times and prices - so that the visitor to your town will have some really practical advice.

In terms of organisation and style/register this is absolutely fine.

Good luck if you've just done the exam. Based on the language ability demonstrated here I'm sure you'll have passed with flying colours!

Best wishes
Fiona Joseph