CAE Reading  (Exit)

Part Five: Multiple Choice (Page 1, 2)

1. Rebecca’s mood at the start of the story is
A calm and reflective.
B cross and irritable.
C restless and agitated.
D sad and upset.

2. What action does Rebecca take with her daughter?
A She reprimands Katy for making a mess on the floor.
B She asks David to speak to Katy.
C She appeals to Katy to play a wider range of music.
D She does nothing in order to avoid a fuss.

3. What is Rebecca’s attitude to the letter lying on the table?
A The adverb’s claims are misleading.
B She hopes it will prompt her to take up exercise.
C It makes her feel more motivated.
D She thinks the slimming club is good value for money.

4. When David first leaves the sitting room, Rebecca is
A relieved that her baby is awake.
B surprised to hear her baby chattering.
C guilty that she’s being lazy.
D glad to have got her own way.

5. Rebecca is worried when her husband brings in the drinks because
A he might trip over Katy’s equipment.
B he doesn’t like the smell of her tea.
C tea is dripping from the saucer.
D he might damage an item of furniture.

6. The curtain referred to in Katy’s bedroom
A is identical in design to one from a previous generation.
B makes a tinkling sound.
C is made up of unusual colours.
D keeps out the light at night.


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