Part 5: Multiple Choice

1In the first phase of the competition the judges are looking at
the amount of rubbish generated and how it is dealt with.
the standard of food that is harvested.
how far the site provides a habitat for different species.
the competition between neighbouring sites.

2According to the rules, which of the following would be excluded from entering for the Best Community Project?
A project where members of the public are invited to view birds or animals.
A project which sells its produce back to the community.
A project which serves vulnerable groups like children or the infirm.
A project that receives help from a government administration.

3Bill ignores his granddaughter at first because
he is cross with her.
he's allowing time for her temper to subside.
he's busy talking to her mother.
he's paying more attention to his surroundings.

4By the end of the story the child
is still fed up with a relative.
wants to eat the apple.
is hoping to find her mother.
has lost her sense of grievance.

5According to the writer, the vets' role is important because
the authorities don't believe that cancer in dogs is on the increase.
the information vets provide can help assess the threat to humans.
cancers are caused by the animals' exposure to chemicals.
vets can diagnose cancers in animals at an early stage.

6The writer's main purpose in the article is to
warn gardeners about the dangers lurking in their own back gardens.
explain why produce bought in the supermarket is more likely to contain chemicals.
question whether the government is taking action against the use of chemicals.
argue the case for growing food at home without the use of chemicals.