Read the text and then type the correct form of the word in CAPITALS to complete the gaps.

Kitchen Hygiene

The next time you go to the supermarket don't
forget to buy the (0) BIGGEST bottle of kitchenBIG
cleaner you can to (1) ... your work surfaces.INFECT
Recent research in America has shown that 
the kitchen is often the most (2) ... of all the roomsHYGIENE
in the home.
The (3) ... of food, heat and dampness means theCOMBINE
kitchen is (4) ... a breeding ground for bacteria thatPOTENTIAL
can cause stomach upsets and vomiting.
The study at the University of Arizona examined
15 homes over 30 weeks. Levels of (5) ... wereCLEAN
certainly not below average yet cutting boards
and dishcloths were found to contain bacteria in
far greater number than elsewhere in the home.
(6) ... say ignorance is the cause of the problemRESEARCH
and point out that (7) ... cleaning can lead toADEQUATE
serious food poisoning.
The (8) ... ? Make sure you clean all work surfacesSOLVE
daily and keep an eye on that dishcloth!