Part 5: Multiple Choice

1When the first day of the job arrived the writer was surprised
that the day had come round so quickly.
because she'd forgotten to write down the date.
because she witnessed a car chase on the way.
that she woke up at dawn.

2When the writer arrived to start her job she
put the children into pairs.
realised she should have done more preparation.
felt confident she could deal with 10 and 11 year olds.
saw the children had brought their own electronic games to play with.

3According to the writer, the parents were
happy to stay with their children all day.
worried about children from the other schools.
nervous that their children might not behave themselves.
glad to leave their children.

4The writer's best moment
occurred in the middle of the day.
took her by surprise.
was hard to put into words.
was when the day was over.

5According to the writer, adults
think that being a child is a privilege.
sometimes forget that children have worries too.
are usually exhausted by bringing up their children.
don't have a stressful life.

6What is the writer's attitude by the end of the day?
She could imagine doing the job again next time.
She was sad to say good bye to the chidlren.
She was disappointed with the experience.
She hopes the playscheme will be longer in future.