Writing Paper: Part 2
Task type: Competition Entry

You have seen details of the following competition in a magazine:


If you could win a prize equal to six months of your salary, what would you choose to do for that time? What benefits would it bring to you and to other people?
This fabulous prize could be yours if you write and tell us the most interesting or original idea.

Write your competition entry for the magazine. (220-260 words)

Name: Helga Bender

Competition entry

Every day as I commute by train to work I imagine what it would be like to be living the life of my fantasies. Winning my salary for the next six months would make not one but two of my dreams come true.

I have always harboured the ambition to travel around the Mediterranean Sea with a mobile home because you meet a lot of people from dífferent countries on campsites{***} {1} which broadens your horizon and improves language skills. Often I daydream about having complete freedom to stay wherever I want to. Winning this marvellous price {2} would allow me to take a six-month sabbatial and see many different countries. It would help me learn to cope with the unexpected. I would keep a diary of my experiences and studies and take photos as one day I would like to write books, (so this prize could even help launch a brand new career!)

As I am a teacher of Religion {3}Studies and History I would have a lot on the agenda for the journey. I would try to learn as much as possible about Islam and the traditions and habits in Muslim countries. In Egypt and Turkey I plan to focus on the Ancient World. I am convinced that my knowledge will help me to enrich my lessons and enable me to interest my pupils in these foreign countries. By talking about my experiences during my travels I can educate the girls and boys to be tolerant of other cultures.

Therefore, the opportunity afforded by this prize would not only help me to do something I have always dreamt off {4} but would also improve my skills as a teacher and educator.


This is an excellent article Helga, and would have a very positive impact on the reader. You have done just what the question asked you to do: namely explain what you would do during the 6-month period and remembered to explain how it would benefit others. You have organised the article very well indeed and your use of English is excellent, with some well constructed sentences and lovely choice of vocabulary.
Very well done!

Best wishes
Peter Travis